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Some users have reported issues with Bonim being disconnected by AOL with an "unknown packet". Fortunately, I strongly suspect I have found a work-around! Unfortunately, my time is very limited so getting that completed will not happen without help. All it needs it to be made compatible with the new version of the faim AOL libraries. This will not be a hard task, but it is one I just lack the time to investigate. E-mail me if you want to try your hand at it. I can get you started, send you the latest faim libraries, etc. Make your mark on the open source community today!

Bonim free AIM Linux console client

Bonim is the ub3r e|ite console AOL Instant Message (AIM) client. It is not blocked by AOL's lamer attempts to stop third party clients.

Try it today and show your friends how l33t you are with this sweet proggie!!!

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